Ladygra is one of the best oral therapies suitable for sexual dysfunction in women.  This solution allows women to reach climax during the sexual activity with their partner very easily. It is a generic medication which helps in redeeming the sexual life back in women. Thus with consumption of Ladygra women can reignite their sexual spark in their sexual activity all again.
The medication of Ladygra is known to improve libido problem in women by allowing easy flow of blood into the reproductive area. This gets achievable through Ladygra because of the presence of main active ingredient Sildenfil Citrate. The medication comes in 100 mg tablet form which needs to be taken orally only with water.

Why is there any need to take Ladygra for women?

There have been several reasons to the cause of poor women’s libido. Such as increasing stress at work, home, economical, social, psychological pressures are some of the reasons that ignite the condition at quite an early age in women. Due to all of the above concentrating solely on sexual intercourse becomes difficult. Also, with aging, the urge to make love reduces, thus leading to lack of libido and inability to reach to the climax. So, if a woman wishes to seek for ultimate pleasure then there isn’t any better medication than Ladygra. This medication is thus proven to bring out best sexual moments back in women.

Lists of benefits an impotent man can derive from Ladygra:

The medication of Ladygra primarily helps in enhancing the low libido and restoring the sex drive back in women. It not only allows the women to reach to the climax of the sexual activity buy also works magical over increasing libido and above all raises power and energy back in women to have a successful sexual act with their partner. It helps a woman enjoy sexual intercourse for four to six hours.
Due to sexual dysfunction, women are majority of the times unable to reach to the climax or even get aroused. So, when Ladygra is consumed, it helps such women get aroused and also reduces the time to reach to climax.  It helps in speeding up the arousal period in women and reducing the time to reach towards climax. Ladygra is available at an affordable price as compared to the branded version of this particular medicament.

How effectively does Ladygra work on women?

The problem of sexual dysfunction in women gets occurred due to lack of blood supply in the genital area. Due to lack of blood, the time taken to reach to the climax becomes longer, thus affecting the interest of the partner to make love too along with the woman. So, due to the ever narrowing arteries in the genital area causes low libido. Therefore, when a woman consumes Ladygra the libido power increases and helps a woman in reaching towards the goal of satisfaction and makes reaching until much easier.

For best results how shall an individual take Ladygra?

  • Ladygra is a medication comes in pill form in dosage strength of 100mg.
  • Ladygra should be taken on empty stomach or after eating a low fat meal.
  • The medicine starts to show off its effects within 45 minutes after consumption.
  • The effect of the pill remains for at least four to six hours on women.
  • Ladygra should not be broken or crushed or even dissolved in water and consumed. It should be taken as a whole with the help of a full glass of water.
  • Otherwise it will lower the effect of the medication and will not give out the desired effect.
  • The consumption of alcohol, junk food and even smoking cigarettes should be avoided after consumption of this pill to let the medication work effectively.
  • But just in case of an excess intake or overdose of the tablet without reporting to the doctor it becomes very important for the patient to pay immediate visit to the nearest poison control center or emergency room so that timely action and right treatment can be given

What side-effects can an individual experience after taking Ladygra?

Some of the common side-effects of Ladygra after consumption are:
  • Constant headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dizziness
  • Facial flushing
  • The side effects given above after consumption of Ladygra may or may not happen to all the women ingesting it.
  • Users of Ladygra may or may not suffer from the above mentioned side-effects depending on the reaction of the body to the specific dosage or due to the sensitivity of the body towards that medication.
  • In case, if all the above given the side effects worsen and just do not budge from reducing, but instead lead to further irritating and weaken the health condition, then there is a need to contact the doctor or medical emergency unit at that instance, but incase if the health problem worsens or if the body overreacts to the medicament.

What precautionary measures need to be taken while consuming Ladygra?

  • Consulting the doctor before taking Ladygra is very important regarding the Pros and Cons. This medication is basically proposed only for women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction.
  • Ladygra should not be taken along with other medicines containing nitrates.
  • After ingestion of Ladygra it is very important to avoid jobs or activities that entail a lot of high mental attention such as flying a plane or driving a car or hiking or even a walk.
  • The side effects of Ladygra are more susceptible with aged.
  • Concurrent use of Ladygra with other medicaments may prove dangerous to health
  • Ladygra medicament does not protect an individual from any kind or type of sexually transmitted disease.
  • The medicament of Ladygra is recommended to women suffering from sexual dysfunction. The pill should be kept away from the reach of a child or pet.
  •  Unused and expired medication should be discard or thrown off, has it can prove fatal for the person.

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